Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Rape of 15 Year Old Captured!

The joys of diversity.  In this case, an illegal immigrant, wanted for the rape of a 15 year old girl was captured after a 6 month search.  Rapist and a gang member.  The type of illegal the left apparently has learned to love, but that the rest of us want out the country, now.

illegal immigrant, Ronald Fabricio Herrera Contreras

illegal immigrant

Herrera Contreras was charged with rape, abduction with the intent to defile, gang participation and assault and battery.

He is accused of ordering a 15-year-old girl to come with him on a walk on July 13 of last year. After about 15 minutes, Herrera Contreras allegedly dragged the girl into some woods in the 7300 block of Lee Highway and raped her.

Police believe Herrera Contreras is in a gang, and say he threatened the girl and her family both before and after the alleged rape.

Last year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told ABC7 News that Herrera Contreras had been picked up in June 2015 near Hidalgo, Texas, after illegally entering the country. He was ultimately given what ICE calls a “final order of removal,” but he reportedly never left the U.S.  Read more….

Anyone who opposes the border wall or the crackdown on criminal aliens supports the rape of children.  They must be made to own the crime of illegal immigrants.

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