Illegal Alien Rapes and Slashes Victim’s Throat

The reason we need a wall?  Is this good enough for you?  Let’s make America safe again by keeping illegal aliens out of nation.  Let them rape, murder, and pillage in Central and South America.

It was also confirmed that Mejia has been in the country illegally for 12 years.

Investigators believe Mejia contacted a 38-year-old victim Thursday night in the 8400 block of Harry Drive around 11:30 p.m. and the two agreed to have sex. While at his home on Epperson Drive, police believe Mejia struck the victim in the head with a handgun, bound her arms and raped her for several hours.

BRPD said Mejia then gagged the victim and placed her on the floorboard of his vehicle and returned her to the area where he initially picked her up. While leaving her bound and gagged, he cut her throat with a sharp object and left her in the parking lot. The victim was found by a passerby who rendered aid until EMS arrived.

Police say the victim was transported to a local hospital where she is expected to survive.  Read more…

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