Illegal Alien Charged with a 9th DUI

An illegal alien charged with a 9th DUI?  No way, right?  Unfortunately, one Alfredo W. Lopez was charged this week with another DUI.  Apparently he has been deported before.

So not only was this illegal immigrant endangering other drivers and passengers, he had a false ID, and had neither a driver’s license nor insurance.  In other words, had this alien hit you, assuming you were not killed, he had no insurance to either cover your injuries to you or your car.

This intentional deprivation of your life, liberty, and property is the direct result of the entire Democratic Party and establishment Republicans.

My, how a nice tall wall along the border would be nice.


Illegal Alien Charged with a 9th DUI

Police responded to New Danville Pike in Conestoga Township around 8 p.m. Monday for reports of a reckless driver swerving all over the road. Lopez was spotted driving erratically, at times going 15 miles per hour in a 45 MPH speed zone, according to police reports.

When officers stopped Lopez, they noticed empty beer cans on the floor of his vehicle and an odor of alcohol. Lopez initially told police his name was Billy Salgado. After failing field sobriety tests, he was taken to a local hospital for a blood draw, police said. Lopez allegedly told hospital staff he drank six Corona beers.

Lopez, who had been living on Greenridge Drive, was charged with eight DUI’s in Arizona, between 2006 and 2010, police said.  Read more….

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