Illegal Immigrant Attempted to Murder Cop

This illegal immigrant attempted to murder a New York cop.  And guess what, he was previously deported.  And wait for it.  Deported for what?  Weapons and drugs.  The U.S. Government, accomplice to attempted murder.

Illegal Immigrant Attempted to Murder

The charges stem from events that occurred in Toms River on Dec. 8, when Brennan went to the Motor Vehicle Commission office at 1861 Hooper Ave. to investigate report that Diaz was trying to use a false identity to obtain fraudulent documents, police said.

Police said Diaz appeared to be in the United States illegally after previously having been deported to the Dominican Republic as a result of weapons and drug charges, police said.

As Brennan was speaking to Diaz, the subject ran into a black Honda, put the car in reverse with the driver’s door still open and trapped Brennan between the open door and the driver’s seat, police said. Brennan, a 15-year-veteran of the police force, was dragged at least 25 feet before getting loose, police said. Read more…



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