Convicted Sex Offender and Illegal Alien Found Back in U.S.

Convicted of sexual misconduct and kidnapping, this illegal immigrant has been deported four times.

I wonder how many other crimes he has committed?

It is almost like our politicians endorse a war against American citizens through a proxy army of criminal aliens.

Agents of the Eagle Pass Station Bike Patrol encountered Jose Maldonado-Zelaya, 28, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, near downtown Eagle Pass around 6 a.m. During processing, agents discovered that Maldonado-Zelaya had been previously deported from the United States, and was a convicted sex offender. Criminal records checks revealed Maldonado-Zelaya was convicted in 2003 for kidnapping and false imprisonment, in Hennepin County, Minnesota, and sentenced to 21 months in prison. Records indicate Maldonado-Zelaya has been deported four times, most recently in April.

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