A Republic No More

I just have some simple observations.

  • Every federal agency has a military force of some sort.
  • Federal responses to everything seems to involve some military force, even for  minor infractions.
  • The federal government can send an army against a rancher, but they can’t send one to stop illegal immigration.
  • The Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder can ignore laws and refuse to enforce them, but citizens are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Illegal immigrants on the other hand can ignore laws at will.
  • no free citizen in a republic could be forced to buy health insurance, yet….
  • while our roads in our neck of the woods resemble wagon trails more than actual 21st century roads, the state police are out in force writing tickets while pot holes go unfilled.
  • our right to religious freedom has been taken away by the homosexual movement backed by the force of the federal government.  Any view contrary to the gay movement may cost you your job.
  • Federal officials use the power of government to silence the opposition.
  • The President and other office holders criticize citizens by name.
  • The President and other office holders call vast portions of the population racists or terrorists.
  • The federal government forces neighborhoods to accept Section 8 housing, which invariably increases crime as the beneficiaries learn they too can live the middle class lifestyle without hard work, or a value system while still engaging in the same behaviors which cause them to poor or criminal in the first place.

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