Budget Deficit for August is $147 Billion

Sep 14, 13 Budget Deficit for August is $147 Billion

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Even though this will be the first year that our budget deficit under President Obama has been below the trillion dollar mark, there is really nothing to celebrate if one is intellectually honest and fair. Remember the how breathless the Democrats and the press were when G.W. Bush’s deficit reached $400 billion in his last...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Doesn’t Suffer Fools Gladly

Could you imagine the Russian Foreign Minister telling the Secretary of State under Reagan or Bush I or Bush II to basically, shut up? Of course, he wouldn’t have, because despite a general disdain for the west, the Russians respect power.  The flip side to that, is of course, the pounce on weakness and oh boy, has the Obama...

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Our Borders are So Secure that a Mexican Murderer Took Up the Drug Trade in the U.S.

Our borders are so porous, that a Mexican murderer escaped prosecution and escaped over the border to deal drugs in the U.S.  Plus, he had been deported on a previous occasion as well.  By me reckoning, this violent criminal had been on the loose in America for almost two years. Feel safe? SAN DIEGO – A Mexican national, who fled...

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Convicted and Deported Sex Offender Found Back in US Three Weeks Later

We don’t even have control of our borders and our elites talk about giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Here is another example of why enforce must be the only answer to illegal immigration. Otherwise, you are for sex crimes committed against our children by illegal aliens. An illegal immigrant and convicted sex...

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Should We Go To War to Save Obama’s Reputation as a Warrior?

Sep 08, 13 Should We Go To War to Save Obama’s Reputation as a Warrior?

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If you can stomach a few minutes of Chris Matthews, right at the end of the clip, he all but says that is what the vote is about, to save Obama’s reputation.   That is of course not reason to go to war.  Syria offers no national interest to fight for and in fact, allowing the Assad regime and fanatical Muslim rebels to...

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