Let the Sequester Stand

Feb 05, 13 Let the Sequester Stand

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Today, President Obama, the nation’s sole proprietor of common sense and balance opined that budget cuts and future budget cuts were harming an economy on the verge of taking off.  Oh, I forgot to add, he is the sole owner of “about to improve, take off, and rebound” as well. The whole problem with his argument is...

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Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet, I’m Hunting Wepubwicans

Feb 03, 13 Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet, I’m Hunting Wepubwicans

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The post title is completely stolen from Iowahawk. So Obama releases a picture of him shooting at Camp David, along with the standard leftist B.S. that hunting is a treasured American tradition, which implies that modern weapons are not needed by a citizenry. First, the mocking of Obama is pure gold. This one is pure gold....

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Why We Need to Secure Our Borders First

Secure the border, then you can talk to me about the fate of 11 million people who have broken our laws by being illegally in the U.S. Here’s the gist of the story.  An MS-13 gang member was deported from the U.S. in January of 2010.  Back in his native Honduras he murder a man in July of 2010.  At some point he re-entered...

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