Sorry for the Absence, But What is There to Talk About?

First, Valentine’s is one of the busiest times of the year for me and as I get older, it just takes more out of me.   And, that’s just not all.  I’m burnt out on politics.

Everything I believe seems to be wrong these days.

-Gay marriage.  Apparently two guys screwing each other in the ass is now something precious and wonderful.  Do you know what two guys screwing each other in the ass produces?  Hemorrhoids.  Two Lesbians licking each other? Rug burn.  A man and a woman in marriage–the possibility of offspring.  In essence, with the push to shove gay marriage two guys screwing each other in the ass down my throat, is an attack on the family, it is an attack on child-rearing. It is an attack on the future.  But, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-Guns.  The right to life, liberty and property is a God given right.  A weapon to protect those writes is a given, and thus the Second Amendment was written by the Founders.  Yet, somehow, a God given right now has become a right granted by government.  But, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-Illegal immigration.  These people are here illegally.  They have committed a crime by crossing the border.    As I have chronicled over they years, illegal aliens commit crime after crime after crime.  No country can remain a country inundated by unassimilated foreigners. Yet, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-The deficits.  A great country might sustain some excessive spending, but a some point it must be reigned in.  Yet, we have a President and a party which say we do not have a spending addiction.  Yet, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-Section 8 housing, EBT cards, welfare, unemployment, in the aggregate sustain a life devoid of work, sacrifice, and diligence.  We now have almost 50% of this nation captivated by bread and circuses and they vote for more of the same.  Instant gratification and sloth are the creation of Washington and yet, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-Cheap energy.  Our economic situation could be so greatly improved is we had cheap energy.  Yet the very people that are hurt by high energy prices just re-elected a President whose goal is to make electricity and gasoline even more expensive.  My budget is at the breaking point.  Yet, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-National healthcare/Obamacare.  Recently, my CEO, in essence, announced that the company will pay the fine rather than insure part-time workers and while the company would continue to provide its full-time employees with benefits, monthly deductions from our paychecks might double, triple, or even quadruple.  I can’t afford that.  Yet, I’m on the wrong side of the issue.

-Culture.  Pants below your ass.  Ebonics.  Children with no father.  Children whose father is the government.  The banishment of religion from the public square.  A culture that dismisses education.  None of these things makes a country great.

The country is a mess.  We have a narcissist and Marxist as President.  Those who receive Section 8 and Food Stamps laugh at those who obtained a house and feed their family through sacrifice and hard work. Our economic system is on the brink and if energy and medical costs continue to spiral out of control, those in the middle class, like me will be devastated.

Frankly, I see nothing civil unrest, if not full blown civil war on the horizon.  Those dependent upon government versus those crushed by its growth.

Simply put, I went to sleep when my country was flying to moon and woke up to find the most pressing issues were affirmative action, big government, and welfare.  No flying cars, but just decaying cities and citizens illiterate and lazy by choice.


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