Illegal Immigration Equals Open Season on America’s Children

Your government is set to take the guns of law abiding citizens away in the name of protecting the children, yet the very same government, by not sealing the southern border, allows foreign predators to enter our nation and attack our children. Where’s the outrage?  Here’s an illegal alien, convicted of serious crimes,...

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Government Releases Illegal Alien, He Then Sexually Assaults a Child

Your government, the very same government that is coming for the guns of law abiding citizens in the name of the children, had a criminal alien in their custody, and instead of deporting him, in essence, gave him probation and he went on to sexually assault a child.  Of course, now they want to deport him. Your government seems to...

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Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Stabbing of a Black Man

An illegal immigrant was arrested in the “unprovoked” stabbing of a black man outside a Hooter’s restaurant earlier this week. There’s a lesson somewhere here for a certain demographic that votes 95% for Democrats.  Maybe it is don’t eat at Hooter’s…. The Santa Monica Police on Thursday...

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The Real Cost of Illegal Immigration: Identity Theft

An illegal alien in Texas was found guilty of “identity theft” in Texas in early January.  Besides turning the world upside down for the women whom she stole her identity from, this illegal immigrant used it to obtain food stamp.  If a person breaks the law entering our nation, then, logically, should it be a surprise...

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Sorry for the Absence, But What is There to Talk About?

Feb 21, 13 Sorry for the Absence, But What is There to Talk About?

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First, Valentine’s is one of the busiest times of the year for me and as I get older, it just takes more out of me.   And, that’s just not all.  I’m burnt out on politics. Everything I believe seems to be wrong these days. -Gay marriage.  Apparently two guys screwing each other in the ass is now something precious...

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