Obama Bumper Stickers and the People Behind Them

Nov 30, 12 Obama Bumper Stickers and the People Behind Them

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If I have correctly read the ad nauseum analysis of this years elections, those who voted for Obama were either low information voters, Marxists and would be Marxists, African-Americans, and those who receive government interests voting their self-interest. In this case, I’m guessing it is a combination of low information,...

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Pro-Illegal Immigration, Pro-Child Abuse

Simply put, if you are pro-illegal immigration, then you are pro-child abuse.  Even one child is too many. TAMPA, Fla. – Eleven convicted alien sex offenders and other criminal aliens were arrested as part of a four-day operation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations...

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Would a Sane Immigration System Allow a Murderer In?

Another case of allowing criminals to run rampant among American citizens and only after a crime is committed the government acts. Is this good government? HOUSTON — An El Salvador man, wanted in his country for aggravated murder, was deported and turned over to officials of El Salvador Nov. 9 by officers with U.S. Immigration and...

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So, Explain to Me Again How We Grant Amnesty to All

In essence, when we grant amnesty, we give legal residence to people we have no clue as to their past, their character, and their suitability to be an American citizen.  Brilliant. CHICAGO – As part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens and...

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The Revival of Cincinnati Brewing

Nov 26, 12 The Revival of Cincinnati Brewing

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I’ve never understood bitter beer. Who the hell likes to drink something that is awful. Thankfully the brewers at the new Hudepohl don’t like bitter beer either. This porter is smooth, sweet, and fun to drink. Just like a beer should be.

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