Visualizing Obama’s Bump in the Road Comments

Sep 26, 12 Visualizing Obama’s Bump in the Road Comments

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Rameriz summarizes in one picture the awfulness of Obama’s “bump in the road” comment.

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Another Example of Leaving the Barn Door Open and Then Rounding Up the Livestock

Or in this case, an illegal, criminal alien…. ICE recently caught an illegal, criminal alien, from Mexico, who returned to the U.S. (how long was he in America before he was caught?) after being deported in 2003. Because our nation has a “let them in, sort them out later” immigration policy, a vile criminal walked...

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Sep 25, 12 Phalanx

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Romney Commercials

Sep 25, 12 Romney Commercials

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Have you donated? If not, why not? Ten dollars isn’t going to kill you. Remember, the alternative is 4 more years of a Marxist economic policy, oppressive regulations, and a suicidal foreign policy.

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Illegal Alien and Soccer Coach Arrested Upon Suspicion of Child Molestation

There certainly is a warm place in hell for all those who support, encourage, and take advantage of illegal immigration.  Should these charges prove to be true, his act is upon your shoulders. Police arrested Bernardo Mondragon-Guzman, 41, on Wednesday for Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child. Investigators said Guzman, a coach for...

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