Apple Adds Alternative Maps Section to App Store, Includes $50 App That Crashes Under iOS 6

Just a heads up for our readers who use iOS 6 and are considering alternative GPS/turn by turn navigation apps until Apple fixes their own maps app.  This afternoon, Apple posted a link to alternative maps in the App Store.

One of the suggested apps is the Magellan Roadmate app.  I own this app, and besides the fact that Magellan infrequently updates it, it provided excellent directions under iOS 5.

In iOS 6, it crashes when you use the main feature, “One Touch”.  One Touch allows you to store future destinations, among other vital functions.  Unfortunately, now when you use it, the Roadmate app crashes–every single time.  Without the One Touch feature, the Roadmate app is pretty much useless.

You can read a few of the comments regarding the crashes below.

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So, just a friendly warning, do not waste $50 on the Magellan Roadmate app because it simply does not function correctly under iOS 6.

Exactly  what is going on at Apple that first they would release Maps in essence in Alpha and now they would suggest as an alternative, a $50 app that doesn’t work in iOS 6?

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