Previously Deported Criminal Alien Sentenced for Felony Re-entry

This is simply ridiculous.  Step one, we allow a total unknown to enter our nation.  Step two, that unknown alien commits serious crimes against American citizens.  Step three, the criminal alien is caught and deported.  Step four, because he knows how porous the American border is, he illegally re-enters the U.S.  Step five, he is...

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Apple Adds Alternative Maps Section to App Store, Includes $50 App That Crashes Under iOS 6

Sep 28, 12 Apple Adds Alternative Maps Section to App Store, Includes $50 App That Crashes Under iOS 6

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Just a heads up for our readers who use iOS 6 and are considering alternative GPS/turn by turn navigation apps until Apple fixes their own maps app.  This afternoon, Apple posted a link to alternative maps in the App Store. One of the suggested apps is the Magellan Roadmate app.  I own this app, and besides the fact that Magellan...

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U.S. Government Rounds Up 40 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

Now here’s a policy for you.  Allow unfettered illegal immigration and let these people commit heinous crimes and then go after them. DALLAS – Following a five-day Texas-wide U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation, 50 convicted alien sex offenders and other criminal aliens were arrested by officers with...

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Illegal Alien on Trial for Rape of 9 Year Old Girl

Illegal alien.  Nine year old girl.  Raped.  Left for dead.  Other victims come forward. And. You. Support. Illegal. Immigration?  Then. You. Are. Scum. A Sept. 10 trial date was confirmed today for an illegal immigrant accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and trying to kill a 9-year-old Riverside girl and attacking two other...

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Thirty Minutes Attending Morning Briefing, Four Hours Campaigning

Actually, I’m kind of torn on this one.  The less time this president spends governing, the better off we are.  But as we all know, a ship adrift, rudderless, is apt to run aground sooner or later. With that said, here is President Obama’s schedule today.  

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