Denver Sheriff Releases Illegal Alien, He Commits Murder Weeks Later

ICE requested that Ever Valles, an illegal alien, be detained until they could collect him.  Instead, as you can see here, the Denver Sheriff faxed ICE on December 20th, 2016 that he would be released later that same day.  Thus, ICE had no time and in essence, no chance to arrest and detain this illegal criminal alien. Weeks later,...

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Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Halloween Rape Arrested

Of course the first article that describes the arrest doesn’t even mention the fact that the suspect is an illegal immigrant.  Northern Virginia is lost.  Last Halloween, Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian ran a women off the road with his SUV, pulled her from her car, and raped her in a ditch. That’s diversity, or better...

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Illegal Immigrant Charged with Voter Fraud

Didn’t the left just lecture us that illegal immigrants don’t vote?  Even spineless Republicans repeated that mantra.  Yet, a federal grand jury just indicted an illegal immigrant with voter fraud! The indictment alleges that Valencia-Sandoval made a false statement of U.S. citizenship on a passport application in April...

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Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Rape of 15 Year Old Captured!

The joys of diversity.  In this case, an illegal immigrant, wanted for the rape of a 15 year old girl was captured after a 6 month search.  Rapist and a gang member.  The type of illegal the left apparently has learned to love, but that the rest of us want out the country, now. Herrera Contreras was charged with rape, abduction...

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As of January 19th, the US Navy only had 35 Ships Deployed

Jan 22, 17 As of January 19th, the US Navy only had 35 Ships Deployed

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Only 2 carriers and a total of 35 ships world wide, with another 39 out for training.  What is even worse, the Navy only has 274 combat vessels in all!

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Illegal Alien Rapes and Slashes Victim’s Throat

The reason we need a wall?  Is this good enough for you?  Let’s make America safe again by keeping illegal aliens out of nation.  Let them rape, murder, and pillage in Central and South America. It was also confirmed that Mejia has been in the country illegally for 12 years. Investigators believe Mejia contacted a 38-year-old...

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