Category Image An Inconvenient Truth: The Nobel Peace Prize is Worthless

When the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to people, say like a Mother Teresa, who have actually improved the human condition, it has meaning. When the award is given to someone that hasn't helped a single soul, when it is given to someone who promotes a political cause based on 5th grade science, when it is given to a hypocrite, it demeans the Nobel, making it a shallow, near worthless prize.


As you know, the Goracle was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (with the U.N. Panel on Climate Change) for his work on gorbal warming. What exactly has Gore done? Why he has promoted the new favorite cause of the left, global warming and its main goal, to economically cripple First World economies while ignoring pollution from China and India. It fits in perfectly with the left's hatred of their own cultures and their wish to see their own nations destroyed.

What is funny, or sad, as the case may be, is that even the most level headed person can punch hole after hole in Gore's alarmist global warming fear mongering. In fact, a British judge is requiring that these fallacies be noted when showing children Gore's masterpiece of propaganda, "An Incovenient Truth."

Let's not forget, that Gore himself is a hypocrite. He cries, he berates, and he lectures you and me on how we are killing the planet. He tells us that "we" have to cut back our "carbon footprint." Yet, even though he claims the world is on the edge of disaster, Gore himself doesn't cut back on consumption and the production of pollution himself. In fact, the Goracle is going to fly to Oslo to accept the Nobel Prize.

Wouldn't a man truly concerned with the environment have the prize shipped to him? Wouldn't he accept the prize via teleconferencing? Nope, cutting back is for you and me, but not Gore himself. That is why Gore flies in a private plane as seen in the video below.

That is why Gore uses twenty times more electricity at his residence than the average American.

A man truly concerned about the environment would not live like this. Period. A huckster, a snake oil salesman, a charlatan would.

Posted: Friday - October 12, 2007 at 07:37 PM
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Author: Satanic Source
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