Car Full of Illegal Immigrants Attack Cop

The line used by defenders of illegal immigration that these people are law abiding folks looking for a better life is a 100% lie.  Illegal immigrants bring crime to this nation and  make it a worse place to live.

In this case, these illegal invaders broke the law when they entered the U.S., they broke the law when the driver was intoxicated, and they broke the law when they attack the police officer.  But, by all means, lets bring more of these people into this country.

illegal immigrants

The driver of the vehicle quickly became hostile with Corporal Miller, then turned violent when he tried to arrest the man for DUI. Two passengers further escalated the situation by exiting the vehicle and joining the assault.

“10-48: officer needs assistance,” Miller yelled into his radio, prompting almost two dozen officers to immediately respond to his location.

Miller was beaten over the head and shoulders, and even sustained a bite wound from one of the individuals, all of whom were ultimately discovered to be illegal immigrants from central America.

The officer ultimately gained control of the situation and placed the three men under arrest. Miller’s minor wounds were later treated at a local hospital and he was released shortly thereafter.  Read more….


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