Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Rape of 4 Year Old

Every politician, businessman, religious organization, and citizen who wholeheartedly promote illegal immigration, in my mind, obviously support the rape of 4 year olds.

It is simple as this.  Had we kept this man out of this nation, this rape WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. By facilitating illegal immigration, those mentioned above, willingly allowed this crime to take place.

A FOUR YEAR WAS RAPED BY AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and no one cares. (And note, this paper can’t even bring themselves to call him an illegal immigrant).

illegal immigrant

Gerson Rodriguez is wanted this week on a charge of first-degree rape, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Rodriguez is believed to have raped a 4-year-old child, but additional information about the investigation was not released. He is originally from Honduras and may be attempting to leaving Jefferson Parish, officials said.  Read more….


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