Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

Oct 21, 15 Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

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John Boehner is crowing that the deficit is at its lowest point since 2007. I don’t know about you, but is a $438 billion deficit anything to brag about? In two years, that means we’ve overspent by $900 billion.  To me, this is like a wife beater saying, “Hey, I’ve gone from beating her 4 times a day, to 2...

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Illegal Alien, with 4th DUI, Kills Cyclist While Drunk

In this case, when have an illegal alien who had been arrested for DUI three times.  He was slated to be deported, but was, under Obama’s immigration rules, allowed to post bail and of course he never showed up to be deported. The last time he drove drunk, he killed an American citizen, who was cycling in Scott County,...

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Criminal Alien Deported Six Times Arrested for DUI

A criminal alien, deported 6 times since 2012 nearly killed a mother and her two children, when high on marijuana and driving on the wrong side of the road.  He was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Every Chamber of Commerce, Republican, and Democrat who support illegal immigration are responsible for, what is,...

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Illegal Alien Arrested for Double Murder

A previously deported illegal alien was arrested for a double murder earlier this summer. Dead are an 18 year old  mother and her 3 year old daughter. I know that to the left, what I’m about to say is clear as mud, but to those of us who know the superiority of western culture, it is quite simple.  Those from the third world...

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Illegal Alien Guilty of Kidnapping

Not only has this illegal alien been found guilty of kidnapping, he was also indicted for two murders. First, Martin Casimiro Margarito pled guilty to kidnapping several people.  From what I can surmise, he held these people hostage for cash in retaliation for losing a load of drugs.   Martin Casimiro Margarito is now the...

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