Illegal Alien Sentenced for Killing a Family

A previously deported criminal alien, Marco Hernandez Ramirez, drove drunk and killed a husband and wife, and their five year old daughter.

Despite case after case of criminal aliens slaughtering innocent Americans, the Republican “Establishment” and the Democratic Party still promote illegal immigration.

The only reason they do this, at least that I can figure, is that they are self-loathing human beings, who not only hate themselves, but the very country that has made them successful.  Through illegal immigrants, not only do they murder everyday Americans, they kill our country in the process.

Marco Hernandez Ramirez, illegal alien, kills family

Marco Hernandez Ramirez, illegal alien, kills family

A Guatemalan illegal immigrant recently received a 40-year prison sentence in Hart County Superior Court for a car crash in November that killed a Franklin County couple and their 5-year-old daughter.

Marco Hernandez Ramirez, 34, entered a guilty plea to three counts of first-degree vehicular homicide on Friday. Northern Circuit Superior Court Judge Jeffery Malcom then imposed a 43-year sentence with the first 40 years served in prison.

The plea was not negotiated, Northern Circuit District Attorney Parks White said Tuesday.

“It’s a tragic case,” said White, who went to the scene of the two-vehicle wreck on Nov. 28 in Hart County.

Killed were 48-year-old Jerry Russell Cannon, his wife, Kathryn Cannon, 32, and their daughter, Rose Marie Cannon.  Read more….

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