Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

John Boehner is crowing that the deficit is at its lowest point since 2007.

Fiscal Year Deficit

Fiscal Year Deficit 2015

Deficit for fiscal year 2015 [Click to see full size]

I don’t know about you, but is a $438 billion deficit anything to brag about? In two years, that means we’ve overspent by $900 billion.  To me, this is like a wife beater saying, “Hey, I’ve gone from beating her 4 times a day, to 2 times a day.”

Still. Pretty. Awful.

Mr. Speaker, a real Republican would have been Tweeting about the deficit being ZERO DOLLARS.  But then again, being of the establishment variety, I guess destroying the country’s fiscal health at half of Obama’s early breakneck speed is good enough. Or as the establishment likes to say, “this is governing–good enough.”

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