Illegal Alien Guilty of Kidnapping

Not only has this illegal alien been found guilty of kidnapping, he was also indicted for two murders.

First, Martin Casimiro Margarito pled guilty to kidnapping several people.  From what I can surmise, he held these people hostage for cash in retaliation for losing a load of drugs.

illegal alien guilty of kidnapping

Martin Casimiro Margarito, criminal alien, kidnapper, and now, murderer.


Martin Casimiro Margarito is now the prime suspect in a pair of murders. A warrant for his arrest was issued eight months after the bodies were found.

In October, CHANNEL 5NEWS first reported the k

idnapping of Elia Margarita Flores. She was yanked from her truck at gunpoint. Hidalgo County deputies said several people kidnapped the 39-year-old woman. Victor Manuel Garcia was also kidnapped from that scene in Pharr. Garcia’s body was found stuffed in trash bags, dumped north of McAllen. Flores’s body was found days after her kidnapping. Her body was found in a field, north of Donna.

Investigators determined both of the victims were gunned down. The two victims were involved in human smuggling. Hidalgo County Sherriff’s deputies said they have evidence to prove it.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found court documents that showed that Martin Casimiro Margarito repeatedly entered the country illegally.

Federal documents showed that Margarito waded or rafted across the Rio Grande River four times in 2007 and was caught by Border Patrol agents.

Margarito served a total of 130 days in federal prison for his four illegal re-entries into the country. He paid $40 for the crime and was ordered to deport every time.

Margarito made it back into the U.S. again, and Flores and Garcia were found murdered in November 2014, two months later. His latest run-in with federal authorities led him to McAllen for an alleged kidnapping for ransom.

In January, a man called police and said he escaped from a home on North 5th Street. The caller said he was kidnapped, because he lost a drug load. Police raided the house.
Police found another person tied up during the house raid. Margarito and a teen were arrested. The Mexican national reportedly also had a number of guns in the home.  Read more….

Because we don’t have a secure border, this alien criminal crossed our border at will, engaged in the drug trade and kidnapped and murdered people in the process.

Can anyone say with a straight face that this “enriches the fabric of our nation’s diversity”?

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