Two Illegal Aliens Found Guilty of Double Murder

Two illegal aliens from China were convicted in May of this year for the 2010 slayings of two people.

The lesson here is simple.  If these illegals had not made it into the nation, two people would still be alive today.  Second, don’t befriend or give jobs to illegal aliens.  In this case, it cost two people their lives.

Two Illegal Aliens Found Guilty

Dong Biao Lin, 28, and Zeng Liang Chen, 25 found guilty of the murder of two.

Dong Biao Lin, 28, and Zeng Liang Chen, 25, both of Manhattan, were each sentenced to life in prison by Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci Jr. on Tuesday for the June 16, 2010 murders of Yao Chen, 39, and his 28-year-old sister, Yun Juan Chen, both of Freehold Borough.

According to court testimony, the brother and sister were in their South Street home sleeping after working a long shift at their family’s Freehold-area restaurant, when they were woken up by the defendants who had broken into their home – with a knife and brass knuckles – after a prior burglary attempt was botched.

Dong Biao Lin, who previously worked at the Chen family’s restaurant and even lived in the South Street home for a short time after coming to the United States illegally in 2003, pleaded guilty in Jan. 2014 to stabbing the brother and sister more than 70 times each, authorities said.  Read more…

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