Illegal Alien Arrested for Sexual Assault

You can read the story of this illegal alien arrested for sexual assault yourself, but the last sentence embodies everything wrong with our immigration policies.

This criminal alien is in the “country illegally but might not be deported because he only faces misdemeanors.”

How in the hell is there even the remotest chance that a sexual predator like this gets to stay in the country?  A nation sure of itself would boot his ass back to Mexico without a second though.

Illegal alien arrested for sexual assault

Allen Aleman-Olivas

GLENDALE, Colo. — An attempted rape suspect might have gotten away if not for the involvement of the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers.

A 38-year old motel clerk at the Extended Stay America on 4444 Leetsdale Drive called Glendale police on Sept. 13 to report an attempted rape. The victim told a 911 dispatcher that a drunk customer lured her outside at 2 a.m., saying his room key wasn’t working.

Moments later, she said the suspect was pushing her into the guest laundry room.

“This was definitely an attempted rape, this was not just drunken fondling, it went well beyond that,” the victim said in an exclusive interview with FOX31. “I have bruises under my arms, he was holding my arms and pushed me into the table.”

The employee managed to escape and called 911 after locking herself inside the motel office. But instead of arresting the man, police took him to his motel room and left without taking a statement from the victim.


“Our dispatch unit … we made an error and we appreciate you guys bringing that to our attention so that we could correct it right away,” Glendale police Lt. Jamie Dillon said.

Dillon said the 911 dispatcher only typed “Intoxicated Party” into her computer system so the first time officers were dispatched they didn’t know the serious nature of the call.

“I think on the second night the management team was also becoming involved and they were not understanding the situation, so they were not pressing for an arrest,” Dillon said. “They just wanted (the suspect) to leave the property and that’s what was being communicated to the officers on the scene.”

Police returned to the motel a third time after the FOX31 Problem Solvers made it clear the victim wanted to press charges.

Detectives found their suspect, 34-year-old Allen Aleman-Olvias, supposedly banned from the Extended Stay America, still on the property. He has been booked for unlawful sexual contact and third-degree assault.

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