Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Murders Two Americans

Earlier this year, a previously arrested illegal alien murdered two American citizens.

Spencer Golvach’s father openly wonders how his government allowed a criminal alien to remain in this country, thus giving him the opportunity to murder his son.

For the politicians, businesses, and citizens that support illegal immigration, his blood is on your hands.

At least this criminal alien won’t be committing any more crimes as he was shot and killed by a police officer arriving on the scene.  Of course that is little solace to the families who lost their loved ones to an illegal criminal alien–a creation of the rich, our government, and elites.

The illegal alien who murdered Spencer Golvach

The illegal alien who murdered Spencer Golvach

Spencer had just dropped off his girlfriend and was heading home early on Jan. 31 when he was shot and killed while waiting at a stoplight at Mangum Road and West 18th street.

A short time later another man, 28-year-old Juan Garcia was shot and killed at Barker Cypress Road and West Little York Road.

A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy in the area heard those shots and pursued Reyes, eventually shooting and killing him after he says Reyes refused demands to drop his gun.

Harris County court records show Reyes was sentenced to 5 years for drug possession in 2010 and there was an immigration hold listed because he was here illegally.

“I want to know why a convicted drug pusher who served time in prison that’s not a legal citizen was unleashed upon our streets,” said Spencer’s father Daniel Golvach.  Read more….

Apparently the father of Spencer Golvach wanted answers and he hired a private detective.

No only had Victory Manuel Reyes been arrested and sentenced to jail (but not deported) in 2010, he served 3 years probation for burglary in 2002 and spend 45 days in prison for assault in 2003.  So yes, this man’s son was murdered by a criminal alien that should have been deported for the first crime he committed in the United States.

Of course, that is what a nation run by politicians who actually loved their country would have done.

By default, that means today, our politicians either are motivated by the love of cheaper labor, or they hate the United States and want to see its culture and prosperity decimated.

Either way, the you pay the cost of illegal immigration.

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