Illegal Alien Murders His Gay Lover

An illegal alien murders his gay lover?  How can that be?  Our Marxist, American hating elites have told us only good people come across the border. Yet, somehow, I can find story after story involving criminal aliens.

So, not only did this criminal alien murder his gay sex partner and steal his property, he had a long string of other criminal offenses as well.  Yet once again, our elites can’t even muster the love of country to deport a criminal–because, and this hits the heart of the matter–they want you to suffer for the “sins” of the nation they hate.

Illegal Alien Murders His Gay Lover

On Dec. 23, 2013, Aguilar met 42-year-old Vincent Diaz in a night club, and the two went back to a room Diaz had rented at the Candlewood Suites on South Laredo Street, where the two engaged in sexual activity, according to court documents.

Afterwards, Diaz reportedly told Aguilar that he was HIV positive.

Diaz met a gruesome end, as his body would be found a few hours later with hands bound, and strangulation marks around his neck.  Read more….

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