Illegal Immigrant Guilty of Rape

This is from 2014, but it is still valid in highlighting the brutality of the crime that crosses the border with the hordes of illegal immigrants that enter our country every year. An illegal immigrant guilty of rape?  I thought the press and the left said Trump’s assertion was just outright wrong. Yet…

Nazario Rojas Bautista plead guilty to second degree rape.  He will be deported when his sentence is finished–or we hope that he is.

An illegal immigrant guilty of rape

Nazario Rojas Bautista, illegal immigrant, pleads guilty to rape

I know this is now considered racist, prejudiced or whatever epitaph the left uses these days, but as a nation, we used to know that lesser countries did not share the superior values of our superior culture, and therefore, we limited their ability to immigrate into our country.

Yet now, we are a governed by a class that rejects, if not hates our culture due to their conversion Marxism.  They seemingly want to live in a third world country.

I don’t, and thus that is why I’ve devoted most of my blogging pointing out the crimes of illegal aliens.

You can read the story on this criminal alien and rapist (didn’t Donald Trump say something about this?), here.

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