Undocumented Immigrants and Crime: Child Rapist Deported

Once again, our open southern border allowed a child rapist from Mexico to roam American freely.

The left tells us that there is no connection between undocumented immigrants and crime, yet I’m able to find example after example of criminal alien activity.

As a nation, we have zero tolerance in schools.  We have no child left behind.  We have a war on drugs. And, we can’t even watch the Dukes of Hazard anymore because the Confederate Flag is de facto banned.

Yet we allow rapists, thieves, and murderers from other nations to illegally enter our country to ply their trade.

Undocumented immigrants and crime: Child Rapist Deported

Undocumented immigrants and crime: Child Rapist Deported

We need a wall to keep aliens like this out.

In a separate case, authorities in Michoacán, Mexico, issued an arrest warrant Nov. 10, 2011 for Figueroa Martinez for raping an 11-year-old girl on more than one occasion. He threatened to harm her family if she reported him to authorities.

Figueroa Martinez first illegally entered the United States July 3, 2003 near Sasabe, Arizona. He was deported multiple times after several subsequent illegal re-entries. His most recent illegal entry was Dec. 1, 2014.

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