Illegal Immigration and Crime: Man Who Raped and Murdered a Child Deported

Earlier this year, ICE deported a criminal alien to Mexico who was wanted for the rape and murder of a child.

If ever there was a case for the connection between illegal immigration and crime, this story is certainly it.

Not only did Angel Daniel Vasquez-Aleman rape and murder a child in Mexico, while here in the U.S., illegally, he was convicted of aggravated assault.

By not securing our southern border, the U.S. has become a haven for criminals from Latin America to escape justice and it seems, as in this case, they continue to commit crimes.

So I have to ask, how does it make you feel knowing that a man who rape and killed a child was walking freely among  us?

Illegal immigration and crime: Criminal alien wanted for rape and murder of a child

Illegal immigration and crime: Criminal alien wanted for rape and murder of a child

ICE officers transferred Angel Daniel Vasquez-Aleman to the custody of Mexican law enforcement authorities at the border crossing in Hidalgo, Texas, Feb. 26.

In 2012, Vasquez-Aleman allegedly participated in kidnapping, raping and murdering a minor.

Vasquez-Aleman first entered the United States illegally in 2009 near Laredo, Texas. After serving a 175-day sentence for an aggravated assault conviction against a family member that occurred in 2013, he was transferred to ICE custody Feb. 10, 2015. ICE officers conducted further international database checks and discovered an arrest warrant for Vasquez-Aleman for heinous crimes allegedly committed in Matamoros, Mexico. He was housed at the Port Isabel (Texas) Detention Center where remained until the day of his removal.  Read more….


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