Illegal Alien Guilty of Identity Theft and Filing False Income Tax Returns

What a great story.  An illegal immigrant from Guatemala sneaks into the United States, buys a Social Security number and a birth certificate and proceeds to file false income tax returns for $3,000.

It is almost like the criminal element in Latin America has figured out that we as a country are really stupid and easily taken advantage of.  So stupid in fact, a third world citizen can bamboozle us.

It is truly a shame that we hate ourselves as a country and due purposeful harm to ourselves in so many ways, including allowing criminal aliens to enter our nation.

A man who immigrated illegally from Guatemala pleaded guilty to identity theft Tuesday, and agreed to be deported after serving his time.

Julio Lopez, 38, was involved in a scheme to file false federal income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. He pleaded guilty to one count of identity theft in relation to the scheme Tuesday, according to a news release from the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio’s Office.

Lopez faces up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine and has agreed to be deported when released. Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 5.  Read more….

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