Nine Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Identity Theft

Nine illegal immigrants were arrested in Misssissippi early this summer for identity theft.  They all had valid, but stolen, Social Security numbers.

I wonder what havoc they caused for the owners of those numbers?  Credit cards taken out, bank accounts hacked, taxes accrued to them by the IRS?

Identity theft is a malicious crime against those affected and illegal immigrants create a market for it.

Unfortunately, Republican leaders like Boehner, McConnell, Jeb Bush, Rubio, Kaisich, and so on are just fine with it.  Our business leaders are just fine with it.  And of course the left is all in.

What do they all have in common?  They are no longer nationalists.  They no longer love America, but instead crave personal wealth and power and in the case of the left, there is actual antipathy towards our nation.

Nine illegal immigrants are facing prison time and deportation after allegedly stealing people’s identities.

Police say they did this while applying for a job with American Dairy Company in Edwards and were arrested on Thursday.

They appeared in Judge Melvin Priester’s courtroom on Monday, and were denied bond because they are considered a flight risk.

This investigation began after a tip came into the Attorney General’s office.

“They will be deported after they pay for their crimes here in Mississippi,” says Attorney General Jim Hood.

One by one, Judge Priester read their rights and explained charges to the men accused of buying fraudulent social secruity cards before applying for a job at American Dairy Company in Edwards.

Hood says the men are from Guatemala and parts of Mexico.  Read more….


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