Illegal Immigrant Rapes 16 Year Old Girl

Do you support illegal immigration?  Then of course, you condone the actions of illegal immigrant, Jesus Atrian.  Not only did he rape a 16 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome, he was previously convicted of another sex crime with a child (how in the hell is he still in the U.S.?).

Police tell us Atrian is an illegal alien with a prior adjudication for Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact and is required to register as a Sex Offender.

There was also an active warrant out for his arrest, prior to the assault, police said. Atrain has no known local address and he is believed to be attempting to travel to Mexico.

The suspect has a vertical tattoo under his right eye of the name “Jesus,” another vertical tattoo under his left eye with the name “Atrian,” and the name “Adriana” tattooed above his right eyebrow.

He also has his last name tattooed on his left hand and another name on his right hand.

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