What’s in a Name? Two Local Felons Indicted for Murder of Cab Driver

No way!  Two people named DaKeith and Keyawhan, already convicted felons, robbed and murdered a Cincinnati cab driver on March 12.

But then again, NO WAY!  That two highly tattooed individuals named DaKeith and Keyawhan would end up living a life of crime and finally topping it off with a murder.

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From my insulated, suburban, middle class point of view, the moment these scum were given names that reflected a culture of failure, they were preordained to a life of crime.

One cannot expect to successful, and law abiding, and moral, if one is immersed and taught to emulate the thug culture.

A man is dead because the black community blames everything on someone or something else.  Yet, their misery and the misery they inflict upon others is self-imposed and self-perpetuating.

A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Keyawhan Lowe, 20, and DaKeith Pleasant, 24, on several charges in connection with the shooting death of Mamadou Diop, 45, in the 1600 block of Baltimore Avenue in North Fairmount March 12.

Pleasant was indicted on charges of aggravated murder, murder, having weapons under disability and two counts of aggravated robbery.

Lowe was indicted on charges of aggravated murder, murder, two counts of having weapons under disability and four counts of aggravated robbery.

Lowe’s address is on the same street where the homicide occurred.

Detectives said the pair robbed and shot Diop.  Read more….

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