Dallas Illegal Alien Video Taped Sexual Assaults

Of course, had this illegal alien from Mexico been deported after his first arrest, nearly a dozen American women would not have been sexually assaulted or raped by this man.

Even though Jesus Mardrid-Dubon has only been arrested, he was kind enough to video tape himself while raping his victims.  There isn’t any question of guilt, just questions of why our leaders allow illegal immigration and why they tolerate the crime it brings.

Madrid-Dubon was arrested last Friday after a 16-year-old girl told police that he abducted her at gunpoint Feb. 6 while she was walking home from a DART station. She said he sexually assaulted her in a white SUV in the 7600 block of Sovereign Row.

After the arrest, investigators believed Madrid-Dubon was responsible for at least three rapes, all of which he is believed to have recorded, Garza said. Police believe that he used social media to meet his other victims.

Madrid-Dubon also recorded his attacks and used three weapons — a pink Taser, a handgun and a butcher knife — to force the women to have sex, police said.

“This man — the way that he went about luring these victims makes him a predator,” Garza said.

Police said they are investigating one other rape connected to Madrid-Dubon.

One of the victims seen in the iPod videos was a woman who told police she was raped in August, Garza said. Madrid-Dubon had been a suspect in the attack, but police officials said they hadn’t been able to tie him to it.

But after police found the video, he was charged with aggravated sexual assault Thursday in that attack.  Read more….

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