Illegal Alien Convicted of DUI that Caused Massive Brain Injury to Man that Joined Air Force After 9-11

Because our government doesn’t protect our borders and encourages illegal immigration at all levels, a brave American citizen is now in a permanent vegetative state because his car was hit by an illegal alien high on meth and alcohol.

Alan Martinez is truly an example of an American patriot.  After September 11th, he dropped out of college and joined the Air Force.  After leaving the armed forces, he resumed his college career at the University of South Carolina.  This was where his life and the lives of his friends and family were shattered forever by an illegal alien.

Santos Gomez, 48, who his attorney said slipped into the country illegally, pleaded guilty and apologized in Spanish just before State Circuit Judge Michael Nettles pronounced sentence.

“I never wanted to cause harm to anybody,” an interpreter translated for Gomez.

Gomez was high on a mix of beer and methamphetamine in September 2012 when his car – traveling at 70 mph the wrong way down I-77 just north of Columbia – smashed into a car in which Alan Martinez was driving, assistant 5th Circuit Solicitor Carter Potts told Nettles.

Martinez, a second-year University of South Carolina law school student and U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, suffered massive body and brain injuries and was in a coma three months.

Today, he requires 24-hour nursing care and “millions of dollars” likely will be spent on his health care the rest of his life, according to people who spoke at the hearing at the Richland County courthouse.  Read more….

Was a future vote for the Democrat/Marxist Party and was cheap labor for the Republican/Chamber of Commerce axis worth the life of this American patriot?

Illegal immigration has a cost.  In this case, it was the bright future of a good and virtuous American citizen and in this case, had our borders been secure, this tragic event would not have happened.

Should you like to help the family of Alan Martinez with their medical bills, you can contribute here.

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