Chuck Norris vs Van Damme

Dec 19, 13 Chuck Norris vs Van Damme

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The original Van Damme commercial. Chuck Norris’s take on...

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Mexican Murderer, Deported for the Fourth Time

Yes, that’s right.  A man wanted for murder in Mexico, had crossed our border three times before.  Open borders encourages criminals to flee to the United States.  Are you okay with this? ALEXANDRIA, La. — A Mexican citizen wanted on a murder charge in his home country was removed from the United States Sept. 12 by officers...

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Salvadoran Murderer Illegally Enters the United States

Who is in our country?  In this case, a murderer!  Open borders means criminals from a third world nation walk among us. Did I mention he used a machete to decapitate and cut up his victim?  Those who push open borders allow this to walk among us.   BOSTON – A Salvadoran man wanted for murder in his home country was deported...

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Another Mexican Murderer Illegally Enters the United States

Here’s another case of “we haven’t a clue” who is entering our nation until we catch them.  Is this a sane policy? In this case, a previously deported Mexican was found to be wanted for murder in Aquascalientes, Mexico. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A citizen of Mexico, who illegally re-entered the United States...

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Who is Entering Our Country Illegally?

This is what open borders gets you.  Criminals by the thousands.  By the very nature of their entry into this nation, illegal aliens are not vetted.  We have no idea of their character. In this case, we find that our government let violent criminals roam our nation, allowing them to continue their crime spree against American...

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