The Russian Foreign Minister Doesn’t Suffer Fools Gladly

Could you imagine the Russian Foreign Minister telling the Secretary of State under Reagan or Bush I or Bush II to basically, shut up?

Of course, he wouldn’t have, because despite a general disdain for the west, the Russians respect power.  The flip side to that, is of course, the pounce on weakness and oh boy, has the Obama administration made the U.S. to look like failing empire over the last few years.

Then again, how can you blame anyone for telling John Kerry to be quiet.  His empty pomposity is not only annoying, but it is an obvious sign of high self-esteem lacking the intellect to back it up.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov got off to a rocky start Thursday, with the Russian mocking Kerry right at the outset.

“They got off to a really bad start yesterday — partly because of the Putin op-ed and partly because Kerry in the opening remarks spoke at length — and I mean at length — compared to the unprepared few welcoming comments from the Russian counterpart,” NBC News foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell said on “Morning Joe.”

“And then the Russian minister said at the end, very tartly, ‘Sometimes diplomacy demands silence.'” Read more….

Our aristocracy and affirmative action, self-appointed elites are real world failures.  A republic can suffer a fool here and there, but it cannot overcome a bureaucracy laden with such self-righteous nitwits.

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