On Syria, Let Them Kill Each Other

As you well know, the Assad regime, for decades, was a Soviet proxy, waged war against Israel, supported the chaos in Lebanon, and had a hand in a number of terrorist attacks against the United States. I understand that some might want a form of payback for the transgressions of Damascus.

I would agree, if, supporting the rebels would be in the interest of the U.S., but evidence points to the reality that if we intervene in this civil war, we would simply be trading one evil in Assad for that of Islamic extremists.

To a rational mind, getting involved in the Syrian civil war has no benefit for America, thus letting the two sides battle on would be the prudent thing to do.

Unfortunately, the minds of our leftist/liberal/Marxists elite are not rational.  Obama and his Politburo are ruled by emotions, meaningless actions to convey compassion, and simply a total disregard for the national interests of the United States.  After all, it is painfully obvious that Kerry and Obama have a poor opinion of the motherland.

The Obama administration will certainly engage in a bombing mission against Assad’s forces, allowing the extremist rebels to claim victory.

What will that get us?  More than likely a repeat of Libya and Egypt, which are showcases for undermining American interests in the name of helping the people.  Unfortunately for the native populations, it seems Obama is only capable of picking one form of tyranny over another.

The best course of action in Syria is to let both sides kill each other.  Arm both sides to keep the battle going if need be.  As both sides decimate each other, at the very least, Syria will not able to arm Hezbollah and attack American interests.

And, if we need to get involved, it would require an actual national interest and as far as I can figure, that would require an outright invasion and a force conversion of all Muslim Syrians to Christianity.

Are you willing to do that?  If not, then let’s not get involved.  As long as they are killing each other, we are left in peace.


  1. Matty /

    Good point! We have are own problems in the uk eg child poverty ect.So why should we get involved spending millions of pounds helping a bunch of muslim terrorists who hate us .Let them kill each other!

  2. The problem is a little more complicated than that, actually a lot more complicated. You should really educate yourself on geopolitics, the post is embarrassingly simple minded.

    • themachiavellian /

      Okay, then educate me in why we should get involved in Syria’s civil war. I see you didn’t provide anything constructive in your comments.

      Oh, and while you are at it, please specifically point me to these moderate rebel groups.

      Since you probably can’t, let me give you a few reasons not to go to war:

      -saving Obama’s reputation
      – basing our response on emotion.
      -suggesting that if we don’t go to war, our nation’s reputation will suffer.

      If you want to go to war because there were civilian deaths, then I can make the case for war in North Korea.

      Syria is a case where our enemy is consuming itself. Let it continue and whatever emerges victorious will be too weak to bother us for decades.

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