British NHS Portends the Rationed Health Care to Come Here

A Marxist inspired, top down, government run health care system here in the U.S. will suffer the same fate as toilet paper and tooth paste factories in the old Soviet Union.  The bureaucrats, i.e., the planners, cannot know everything that takes place in the typical medical market place.  Therefore there will be surpluses of few things and horrible shortages in a host of others.

In Britain, there are now long waits to undergo treatments and operations.  Would you want to be one of those who waits weeks or months for a life saving treatment?

Hospital waiting lists have soared to a five-year high, with almost 2.9million patients in the queue for treatment.

New figures show that at the end of June the number of people waiting to start NHS treatment after being referred by their GP was 240,000 higher than the same time last year.  Read more….

In other words, care is rationed by bureaucratic decision.  Add to that, you smoke or are fat, or belong to the Tea Party, or didn’t go to Harvard….

Letting government have this power over you life makes you a peasant.  A citizen of a republic would have none of this.


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