7 Reasons Why You Need to Resist Amnesty

Last week, the Border Patrol apprehended seven previously convicted and deported sex offenders.

Here are some of the crimes they were found guilty of:

Among the list of charges and convictions for the adult Mexican nationals apprehended are “sexual penetration of a child with an animate object, aggravated sexual battery of a victim under age 13, and aggravated criminal sexual assault with bodily harm.” The subjects were previously charged, convicted and removed from the United States for their crimes. However, they were apprehended last month by Border Patrol agents for illegal re-entry into the country. All were processed for prosecution and removal proceedings in accordance with Tucson Sector prosecution guidelines. Read more….

Those who tolerate illegal immigration seemingly must be fine with the rape of children.

They must be, because no decent person would be okay with broken system that allows a near army of criminals to descend upon the citizens of this nation.

Ask yourself this.  How many illegal aliens who receive amnesty will have criminal records in Mexico, unbeknownst to our government?  You know the answer.  Too many.  We know nothing about the 11 million aliens in this nation, yet we want to put them on a path to citizenship.

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