Illegal Alien Convicted of 37 Crimes Removed from US

I’ll ask you a simple question.  How many citizens did this illegal alien harm during the commission of 37 crimes?

If you support amnesty and open borders, I guess you are fine not know who the hell is in your country.

(Tuesday, July 23, 2013)

Buffalo, N.Y. – Buffalo Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a male citizen of Mexico, who has thirty-seven criminal convictions in the United States.

On Saturday, July 20, agents from the Rochester Station responded to a call for assistance from the Rochester Police Department. While interviewing the suspect to determine his true identity, after he had provided three different names to a Rochester police officer, agents determined the suspect was illegally present in the United States.

Record checks at the station revealed the suspect has thirty-seven criminal convictions in the United States. The convictions range from misdemeanors to felonies and include charges such as, narcotics violations, assault on a federal officer, burglary and robbery.

Due to the suspect’s numerous criminal convictions, he was processed for an Administrative Removal and will be removed to Mexico.  Link

Only a country that is suicidal allows criminals into their midst.  Giving people that you know absolutely nothing about amnesty means you are about to jump off a skyscraper.

THIRTY. SEVEN. CONVICTIONS.  How many other illegal immigrants are no different than this one?



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