Republicans are Useless

Mar 05, 13 Republicans are Useless

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Here, in Green Township, Section 8 housing, no wait, my wonderful township trustee, a Republican at that, informs me it is only public housing run by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority,  the Federal government has forced us to take 32 units of public housing.  Because, we all know that public housing is just so much...

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Previously Deported Felon Arrested for Rape of a Child

From ICE, we learn that a child was raped because our government doesn’t protect our southern border and many Americans apparently approve of illegal immigrants and their criminal behavior. BALTIMORE – An El Salvadoran national residing in Hyattsville, Md., wanted in Santa Barbara, Calif., for aggravated sexual assault on a...

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Illegal Alien Deported Three Times Convicted of Murder

An illegal alien, previously deported for “robbery, attempted murder, and auto theft” was convicted of murdering a Los Angeles in 2012.  He was also a member of the El Monte Flores gang. Now, some might now care, that a prostitute was murder, but she was only 24 years old, she was an American citizen, and she might have...

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Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Murdering Teen

Now, here is a perfect case and example of why this nation needs a secured southern border and an orderly immigration system.  If we had such a system in place, a mentally ill immigrant would be denied citizenship and prohibited from entering. Instead, since we abandoned the southern border and do not screen those who wish to come...

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Illegal Alien Confesses to Murdering 15 Year Old Sister-in-Law

I guess those who support illegal immigration are just fine with the murder of a 15 year old girl at the hands of her illegal alien brother-in-law. ALBION, N.Y. (WIVB) – An illegal immigrant will no longer stand trial for murder in Orleans County. Carlos Cardenas pleaded guilty on Wednesday. Cardenas had been charged with...

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