Another Murder by an Illegal Immigrant

None of our politicians seem to get it.  Rand Paul filibusters over the threat of drones killing Americans but he comes out today supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Here’s a fact, illegal immigrants have killed more Americans than drones.

A 34-year-old illegal immigrant convicted of murdering a 63-year-old Bethesda woman and hogtying and robbing three other widows will go to prison for life without parole, a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge decided.

Before delivering the sentence Thursday, Judge Michael D. Mason emphasized Jose Garcia-Perlera’s deliberate selection of his victims, his apparent “pleasure and satisfaction in inflicting pain” and “callous disregard for life” as he left four elderly women for dead during his yearlong string of assaults and robberies.

“He was a deliberate planner. He worked at my house for six days, a year and a half before [he attacked],” said 79-year-old Ann Wolfe, who hired Garcia-Perlera as an electrician. “He remembered me and stalked me. He is a very, very dangerous man.”

Wolfe and another woman who was hogtied and robbed implored Mason to put the El Salvadorian immigrant behind bars for life.

Four relatives also spoke and shared photographs of 63-year-old Mary Havenstein, who was killed by Garcia-Perlera at her Bethesda home in September 2008. Garcia-Perlera attacked Havenstein outside her bedroom and beat her so badly that her brain started bleeding, before binding and gagging her. Havenstein’s niece found her dead two days later.  Read more….

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