Republicans are Useless

Here, in Green Township, Section 8 housing, no wait, my wonderful township trustee, a Republican at that, informs me it is only public housing run by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority,  the Federal government has forced us to take 32 units of public housing.  Because, we all know that public housing is just so much better than and different than Section 8 housing.

Most of my fellow citizens have vehemently opposed this plan and opposition has resurfaced as the CMHA sent out this notice of their intention to destroy Green Township like they did  Westwood and Price Hill.


In response, I wrote most of my local, state, and federal representatives.  Among them, was Green Township Trustee Rocky Boiman.

Here is my original email.  It isn’t elegant, but straight to the point and one of them is that if Green Township receives a large influx of government subsidized citizens, Republicans will lose control of this area.


Whatever you can to stop this planned destruction of Green Township, please do it.  Please remember, Green Township, besides suffering the increased crime that comes with Section 8 housing, will not get any more Republican with an influx of those recipients beholden to the welfare state.

Here’s the response from Green Township Trustee Boiman, Republican.

As hopefully you saw in the news last two years, there is a court ordered mandate that Green Township MUST take 32+ units of public housing. We fought this in court spending $162,000 and in the end were stuck with this there is nothing we can do. Nothing and it sickens me that the feds are ramming this down our throats. Also please be advised it is NOT section 8 it is CMHA housing…very different.
CMHA wants it to be concentrated over off of Westwood northern blvd, would you rather they start looking to put it in Bridgetown around where you live?

Silly me, I confused one set of government subsidization with another.  The real kicker is the last line, “Also please be advised it is NOT section 8 it is CMHA housing…very different.
CMHA wants it to be concentrated over off of Westwood northern blvd, would you rather they start looking to put it in Bridgetown around where you live?

So, let me get this straight.  Our elected Republican representative has rolled over and quit already and his brilliant response is that at least it isn’t next you.  He should add “yet” to that train of thought.

I’ll be honest, I no longer have any patience with our weak knee Republican representatives and sent this irritated response:


Really, that is the response you give me?  First, I’m literate and read the news.

Second, like all Republicans, you have no fight.

Third, Section 8 or public, subsidized housing promotes the idea that no hard work is required and that is destructive to any community.

Fourth, your smart ass comment is unacceptable.  So in other words, you are just fine with destroying just one part of Green Township?

I’ll give you a chance to retract it, otherwise it goes public.

I grant you, my retort wasn’t very polite, but then again, I’m not the enemy.  Yet Rocky would rather take the time to call me stupid and tell me it is alright since it isn’t next to me rather than exhaust every avenue to fight and delay this.

So Rocky Boiman sends me this response:

…please give me your phone number so I can explain this, not sure where you are getting flippant comments from me

I don’t want to discuss this. I simply wanted him to do two things.  One, retract the statement that destroying the property value of one part of Green Township is just fine and second, I want my Republican representative to fight this government intrusion, to frustrate it, to delay, until all hope is lost.  There is nothing to discuss except that he act like a true conservative.

So I asked Boiman to do what is right and he basically refused.  He is either frustrated that lowly citizens are upset or he is just fine with destroying a part of Green Township.

In essence, this example of a local Republican exemplifies everything wrong with Republicans.  In this case, Mr. Boiman has given up the fight and is perfectly willing to unleash public housing on a part of Green Township and his reply is that “at least it isn’t next to you.”

Democrats fight and fight and fight to get what they want.  Did they quit in their quest for national health care?  Are they backing away from violating the Second Amendment?  Did they stop pushing the gay agenda?  Have they given up on carbon taxes?  Have they stopped trying to raise taxes?  The answer is no on all accounts.  Even if there is a court case which goes against them, they continue to fight.  When elections go against them, they continue to pursue their leftist agenda.  Democrats and the left are relentless.

And what do Republicans do?  They give up.

In Green Township, this is the case and when it comes to public housing being forced upon us, this is the best Republicans can do, “CMHA wants it to be concentrated over off of Westwood northern blvd, would you rather they start looking to put it in Bridgetown around where you live?


Since I refused to talk to Boiman, he sent me this letter:

I haven’t been given the chance to explain the issue in detail over the phone so I have written out details concerning the issue.  Please understand if I was a little upset as I have been getting multiple emails from folks who have obtained false information that “Green Township is bringing section 8 Green”.  This is the farthest thing from the truth.  I think you would be a little upset if people were spreading lies about you. I am a man of integrity who is trying to do the best with an awful situation that has been mandated upon us.  Again please forgive my curtness.  Here goes…and I have personally written all this….

Green Township is under a court-ordered mandate from the Federal government to take public housing (CMHA).  Green Township fought this mandate for two years in court, spending over $162,000 in court costs, but in the end it was ruled that Green MUST take 32+ units of public housing.  We went toe to toe with the beast called the federal government and gotten beaten down.  I don’t know of any other township that has fought the federal government and HUD to he last breath like we have.  We were able to do a little bit of good however in our fight.  We got the mandated number of units down from 64 to 32 plus some other minor concessions.

I WANT TO BE 100% CLEAR THAT I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL BE IN SUPPORT OF THIS EXPANSION OF PUBLIC HOUSING. It SICKENS me that the government being 16.5 trillion in debt, facing sequestration where we potentially cant pay military, etc, yet somehow STILL has $ to ram public housing down our throats……it’s disgusting to me. However at this point there is nothing I or anyone can do to change this fact: Green is getting 32+ units of public housing, the only question that remains is where it goes.

CMHA, the organization that oversees this public housing, has bought land on the very edge of the boarder of Green Township and the Westwood/Cheviot area (on the corner of Westwood Northern and Boudinot) as their preferred site for this public housing.  They had past inquired about land across the street from St. James school and land behind the shopping center on North Bend Rd. on Audrow Rd, as well as the proposition of scattered 4 and 8 family sites throughout White Oak, Monfort Heights, and Bridgetown.  The people that have been recently protesting are against this public housing going in on Westwood Northern/Boudinot.  People are inaccurately thinking that I am complicit in wanting to bring public housing to Green Township. As I have stated before, I am against this expansion of public housing but it is coming to Green Township, the only question that remains where it goes.  I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT AGAINST THE INFILTRATION AND SPREADING OF PUBLIC HOUSING THROUGHOUT OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. We are waiting to hear back from CMHA about their plans then we can try to fight to do what is best for the greater good of GT.

—-, I hope this helps, trust me I am on your side.

Like I said, public housing is public housing.  It is all subsidized.

And like all Republicans, the mantra is “there is nothing we can do.”  We heard that when George Bush couldn’t get his court appointees approved.  We heard that when John Boehner said “we only control 1/3 of the government”.

Now I hear it from my local official.  My question is, when have the Democrats, ever, let a court decision stop them from fighting?

Our leadership demoralizes the base.  No wonder millions of would be Republicans stayed home last election.  Why vote for a party that will roll over at the first sign of a long fight.

Look at it his way.  With Republicans in charge of the state, county, and township, we get subsidized housing.  We could have elected Democrats and got the same thing and at least that would have come without a false hope for something better, something different, something conservative.

By the way, here is my response:

Mr. Boiman,

You don’t need to give me a history lesson.  I read the news and perused the agreement entered into by Green Township and the CMHA.

Whether it is Section 8 or public housing, it subsidized housing. It is all terrible and I see the consequences of socialized housing every time I drive past the dilapidated neighborhoods in Westwood or Price Hill.  Those areas are dying and are on their way to becoming a mini Detroit.  I don’t want that for my home.

Plato noted that property held in common receives less attention than that owned by the individual.  That is the perfect definition for public housing or Section 8 vouchers. They destroy the values of thrift, hard work, and sacrifice.

The idea of sacrificing one part of Green Township for another is repugnant and all I asked you to do was retract that.  It didn’t require a phone call or history lesson.

You didn’t and I still stand by my observation that our side gives up way too easily.  You can still fight this at the Federal level.  Chabot and other Republicans could help to defund HUD if pressured enough.  Democrats would keep up the fight, but why doesn’t our side?  Make the Sequester work in our favor.  Instead, it is give up, accept the fact and just be grateful it isn’t near you.

By the way, just as matter of fact, the house directly across from is Section 8 and of that I am none too happy.

The bottom line is that Green Township is getting public housing.  We could have gotten the same results if we had elected Democrats. What is the point of electing Republicans if all we get is, “Well, we tried.”

You haven’t fought to the last breath because you are still breathing. Get out there and fight some more.  Try some different tactics.  Wear down those on our side who won’t help us. Make them so tired of hearing from you that they do their duty.  Change their minds.

Just don’t accept it because many of your constituents have not.



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