Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Murdering Teen

Now, here is a perfect case and example of why this nation needs a secured southern border and an orderly immigration system.  If we had such a system in place, a mentally ill immigrant would be denied citizenship and prohibited from entering.

Instead, since we abandoned the southern border and do not screen those who wish to come to America and live here, our politicians and those who favor illegal immigration, allowed, in this case, a mentally ill criminal to enter our nation.  Not only was this alien not screened, after committing a crime that pointed to a violent personality, authorities failed to deport him.

In essence, our political class and citizens who support the cause of illegal immigration contributed to the death of Josh Wilkerson.

A Brazoria County jury convicted Hermilo Moralez, 21, for the 2010 murder of Pearland teen Josh Wilkerson and sentenced him to life in prison Tuesday (Jan. 29).

Wilkerson disappeared on Nov. 16, 2010 after offering his former classmate a ride home from school. Moralez, an illegal immigrant from Belize, later confessed to the murder and led police to his beaten and burned body in a remote field near Pearland.

Moralez will eligible for parole in 30 thirty years.

Moralez’ lead defense attorney Crespin Linton said he was disappointed with the trial outcome.

“I wish the jury would have taken our client’s mental illness more into effect when they decided the sentence. I don’t think they took that into enough consideration along with his age,” he said when contacted by The Journal. “They could have accomplished the same thing with a 30-year sence. It would have taken him out of action for many years until he grows older.”  Read more….

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