What Difference Does it Make?–Hillary Clinton

That is her legacy.  “What difference does it make” how the Americans were killed in Benghazi?

Listen to her.  Of course it makes a difference, but when you lied about why it happened for weeks, how it happened can’t matter. You can see her remark at the last third of the video.

At least Rand Paul put her in her place.

Do you want to know what difference it makes, Hillary?  You spun the lie that the free speech exercised by an American citizen offended Muslims to the extent that they killed Americans.

The implication?  Americans must restrict their speech where it concerns Muslims, or the lives of dead Americans will be on their shoulders.

On the other hand, if your incompetence, and by incompetence I mean not arming the embassy annex and eliminating the Qaddafy and thus allowing al Qaeda to rise in Libya, directly lead to the death of our ambassador, that means the policies of this president are a dangerous failure.

Of course it makes a difference, but then again to a Marxist trained politician, dead people are simply a means to an end.

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