Obama Demands….

In today’s press conference, it was on display, the fact that we have a small man as president.  He is arrogant and he is confrontational and he has a bad habit of outright lying and he is a demagogue.

President Barack Obama demanded on Monday that lawmakers raise the nation’s $16.4 trillion federal debt limit quickly, warning that “Social Security benefits and veterans’ checks will be delayed” if they don’t and cautioning Republicans not to insist on cuts to government spending in exchange.

“They will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the economy,” he said at the 21st and final news conference of his first term. “The full faith and credit of the United States of America is not a bargaining chip. And they better decide quickly because time is running short.” Read more….

Here’s a perfect example of the smallness of this man.

One component to growing our economy and broadening opportunity for the middle class is shrinking our deficits in a balanced and responsible way. And for nearly two years now, I’ve been fighting for such a plan — one that would reduce our deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade, which would stabilize our debt and our deficit in a sustainable way for the next decade. That would be enough not only to stop the growth of our debt relative to the size of our economy, but it would make it manageable so it doesn’t crowd out the investments we need to make in people and education and job training and science and medical research — all the things that help us grow.

Honestly, we’ve heard this almost exact verbiage for the last four years.  This isn’t a plan of a great man on a mission to balance the budget.  These are the words of a small man trying to say the right things while continuing his “unprecedented” spending spree.

Here is an example of our President lying to our faces.

If congressional Republicans refuse to pay America’s bills on time, Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits will be delayed. We might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small business owners. Food inspectors, air traffic controllers, specialists who track down loose nuclear material wouldn’t get their paychecks. Investors around the world will ask if the United States of America is, in fact, a safe bet. Markets could go haywire. Interest rates would spike for anybody who borrows money — every homeowner with a mortgage, every student with a college loan, every small business owner who wants to grow and hire. It would be a self-inflicted wound on the economy. It would slow down our growth, might tip us into recession, and ironically, would probably increase our deficit.

Of course, this is pure poppycock. In not raising the debt limit, the government will still bring in hundreds of billions of dollars each month.  It simply means that borrowing comes to an end and spending is prioritized and departments and programs are cut to balance the budget.

If Social Security checks don’t got, that is by the direction of one vengeful Barack Hussein Obama, who, to make a point, is willing to hurt the most vulnerable among us.  A little man, a bitter man.

The President as demagogue:

I’m happy to have that conversation.  What I will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the American people — the threat that “unless we get our way, unless you gut Medicare or Medicaid, or otherwise slash things that the American people don’t believe should be slashed, that we’re going to threaten to wreck the entire economy.”  That is not how historically this has been done.  That’s not how we’re going to do it this time.

Does that sound like a conversation to you?  His way or the highway?  That the Republicans only want to slash Medicare and Medicaid.

Not only is Obama all of the above, I’ve come to the conclusion he is a dangerous President.


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