Chief Diversity Officer at College Suspended for Having a “Diverse” Opinion

I saw this at BizzyBlog, originally.

From the AP:

The nation’s leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing has reinstated its chief diversity officer, who was suspended for three months after signing a petition circulated by opponents of gay marriage in Maryland.

The Chief Diversity Officer at Gallaudet University was suspended for 3 months-now get this-for having a “diverse” opinion.

See, for the left, diversity in reality means agreeing with their point of view. If you dare disagree with them, you then are against diversity.

In this case, the Chief Diversity Officer dared to offend the protected liberal class known as gays. What did she do? She signed a petition asking that Maryland’s gay marriage law be put to a vote.

How dare she exercise her opinion, her federal right to free speech, her federal right to petition, her state right to free speech and her state right to ask for referendums.

See, unfortunately, she didn’t express the proper opinion, as defined by the left. Diversity is simply what the left says it is. In other words, diversity is nothing more than thought and actions being forced upon others and in this case, her livelihood was threatened to make sure that diversity as defined by the left was enforced.

Don’t agree with the right political opinion, in a public institution that is supposed to be a bastion of free thought, then have your job threatened!

When I hear the word diversity, I know what it really is, totalitarianism disguised enlightenment.

This January the Chief Diversity Officer got her job back. Though the article doesn’t say how, I’d bet the farm that a civil rights lawsuit and large sums of money were involved.

Diversity is not the freedom of thought and actions, it is agenda to stifle freedom of opinion and to define the culture as the left sees it and in this case, through brute force if necessary.

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