Do People Stock Up On Ammo When They Think Their Country is on the Right Path?

I’ve been looking for ammo for my S&W M&P 15-22 and the search is long and hard for 22 longs.  What is left is either really expensive competition ammo or underpowered rounds meant for target practice.

I don’t like guns, but I bought one because I don’t see the current path of this nation heading towards peace and prosperity.  Apparently, a lot of other Americans feel the same.

Have you bought a gun or stocked up on ammo?

At Ableammo:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.11.55 PM

At Midwayusa:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.19.59 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.20.53 PM

At Budsgunshop:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.24.59 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.25.13 PM

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