Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 is Here!

My Dad, a former Marine, taught me to fire a 22 rifle when I was 10.  I was instructed in safety, cleaning, and the benefits of being able to hit the side of barn.  I haven’t touched a gun since.  I don’t remember my Dad picking up a gun after that either.  It was just a duty he felt he had to perform, something his son should know how to do properly.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to believe that all hell is going to break loose when the realities of fiscal restraint hit Washington.  Those who have been on the dole, provided food, shelter, phones, medical care, and transportation will be shocked when Uncle Sam can no longer subsidize their lifestyles.  It will be then that they will look elsewhere to continue to “get” things for free.  When that mayhem arrives, I simply want to be able to protect my life, liberty, and property.

I’ve signed up for a refresher course on safety and shooting, and I hope thereafter I don’t have to touch a gun for the next 30 years.

Sadly, with the direction of this country, I doubt it.

Finally, a friend asked why not an AR-15 .223?  For me it was simple.  I’m not preparing to battle a tank or the government,  plus the M&P 15-22 was cheaper and 22 longs are inexpensive and readily available.

Here’s to the Democrats, who have upset the Republic so that citizens have put stock in guns as their trust that our government is limited by anything steadily wains.

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